Justplainbob’s News Roundup

The are a couple of good news aggregators in Minnesota — MinnPost’s Daily Glean and Bring Me The News come to mind — but today there is so much happening out there connected to lung health, I just had to create my own news roundup.

On the tobacco front, a proposal to increase Minnesota’s cigarette taxes is making headlines, but there is more. The Roseville city council gave tobacco a split decision, voting to ban hookah bars and tobacco shop “sample rooms,” but giving the green light to candy tobacco products and those absurd e-cigarettes. Cottage Grove is going to continue to allow smoking in its parks. Really, Cottage Grove?

More sad proof that asthma can be deadly. A famed foriegn correspondent has died in Syria of an apparent asthma attack.

I was quoted in a Midwest Energy News story on E85 yesterday. I was talking about the same topic with Bill Hudson on WCCO-TV earlier in the week. Today’s Strib has a good story on how an air pollution violation by a Silver Bay taconite plant might lead to better air quality monitors statewide.